Boarman Nomination for Public Printer: Another Issue Emerges?

In my ongoing follow-up on the Boarman nomination for U.S. Public Printer in an effort to keep the printing industry informed, I notice that the transcript of his testimony has finally been posted on the web site for the Senate Rules Committee.

Meanwhile, another issue has emerged.  I received a copy of a letter Boarman wrote to William Boesch, Comptroller at the GPO, wherein he states that he received a check in the mail earlier this year from the GPO for $175, which he deposited into his account, saying, “I assumed it was a payment from GPO for the balance of my accumulated leave that I had tried to cash out a few years ago.”

In the letter, dated June 23, 2010, he further states: “On June 23, 2010, I was informed by GPO’s Acting General Counsel that this was a payment made under GPO’s ‘goal sharing’ program.  I was further told that und

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