When is an e-book not a book but a DVD player?

When is a book not a book? When it goes beyond words, photos and drawings. The latest generation of e-books are so new and different that publishers can’t agree on what to call them. Earlier this year Hachette Book Group called its version, an “enriched” book. The Penguin Group released an “amplified” version of a novel by Ken Follett last week. And soon Simon & Schuster will come out with one of its own, an “enhanced” e-book version of “Nixonland.”

All of these new books offer more than their black-and-white, ink-and-paper cousins. These new multimedia books use video integrated with text. Many would argue that the best device for these multimedia books is the iPad.

But as I write this I am reading stories about a group of people in CA who have discovered that the iPad is prone to overheating. They have filed a lawsuit against Apple saying that Apple has misled customers with its advertising and lashes out at Apple’s claim that iPad using simulates reading a book.

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